Ramya worked in the education sector in roles ranging from being a tertiary education lecturer in the areas of IT, Business, Tourism and Management, to a high school teacher of Science, Business and Computing. Working in the education industry she has earned people skills. She is a good listener, a good communicator; communicates well with others on a personal or professional level. Advertising, marketing, problem solving skills and willingness to collaborate towards the common goal are some of her strengths. These are the core skills that Ramya brings in to real estate industry from the education industry.

Before settling down in Albany over ten years back, Ramya worked in six countries across the globe including Australia. Her aim is to add-value to clientele to reach goals & objectives when they either enter into a long “marriage” with a new home or “divorce” the long-lasted “marriage” with their existing home. During this process, Ramya will facilitate, enable, educate, mentor and inform as and when necessary based on the client briefing. 

Ramya’s vision is to be a utilitarian who would seek “win-win” scenarios for both vendors and purchasers.  As such, she aims to hold herself to consistent moral and ethical standards in real estate dealings.

Ramya enjoys her leisure time by cooking, sewing, reading, gardening, travelling, cinema and theatre, and learning new software developments in business.