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Maggie SoChun Mei So

Licensee Salesperson

After many years of running cafes and restaurants in New Zealand and Australia. Maggie decided to join the real estate industry in  2017. 

Wanting to learn from the best Maggie began working in a partnership with a top salesperson, developing superior negotiation and learning how to bring the most value for her clients.

Maggie's excellent customer service and ability to deliver results under pressure are skills she had developed from years of running her own businesses. She says "customer satisfaction is the key to return and repeat business and this is what I strive for". This is why Maggie's follow up is second to none; she wants to make sure her clients are given the right information, feel they are in control and that the process of selling a house is transparent and as stress-free as possible.

After more than 30 years in NZ with a big network of customers and clients cultivated over the years, Maggie can make sure your property is exposed to numerous people from all cultures and make sure you get the best possible results. As one of her friends says "Maggie has the ability to connect the East and the West".

Dedication, excellent customer service and great results, is what Maggie stands for.




我会为您提供免费的咨询服务: 022 023 6008 (普通话,粤语,英语)

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