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Lawrance Hong

Licensee Salesperson

A fresh and dynamic force in real estate, bringing a rich tapestry of experiences and a unique perspective. Lawrance is not your typical real estate salesperson. His journey through various industries, combined with a robust foundation in computer science and a Bachelor degree in property, equips him with a diverse set of skills and insights unparalleled in the real estate world.

Lawrance's transition into real estate was driven by a passion to help others achieve their dreams. His belief in making a positive impact on people's lives through property is at the core of his approach. With him, clients are not just making a transaction; they're embarking on a journey to find their perfect home or investment, guided by someone who truly cares about their best interests and outcomes.

Having worked in sectors that demand precision, creativity, and strategic thinking, Lawrence applies these strengths to every aspect of his real estate career. His technical background allows him to leverage the latest digital marketing tools and analytics to ensure properties receive maximum exposure and attract the right buyers. Meanwhile, his experience in customer-focused roles has honed his ability to listen and connect, making him a trusted advisor to his clients.

At Ray White Albany, Lawrance is dedicated to achieving new goals—not just for himself but, more importantly, for his clients. Whether you're looking to buy your dream home, sell your property for the best possible price, or explore investment opportunities, Lawrance is committed to navigating you through the complexities of the real estate market with ease and confidence.

Joining a team known for its excellence and integrity, Lawrance is excited to bring his unique blend of skills and passion to the table. He is more than just a salesperson; he's a visionary in the real estate field, ready to help you achieve what's best for you with unwavering dedication and innovative approaches. Choose Lawrence Hong at Ray White Albany for a real estate experience that is as dynamic and diverse as his background. Together, let's turn your property dreams into reality.