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Crystal Lee이수정 李姝貞

Licensee Salesperson - Property Manager

Crystal is an experienced and a veteran Licensed Real Estate Salesperson and Property Manager (on the side) 

She moved to New Zealand from South Korea over 20 years ago and since then, as well as currently, reside on the North Shore.

Her honest, passion and dedication towards her work is only part of many reasons on why her clients place their utmost trust in her for years ongoing. Her commitment and diligence to her clients goals as well as

her strong work ethic, results in her amazing track record within this industry that anyone would be amazed by.

Her fluency in Korean and English allow her to relate to various clients with different backgrounds, and as shown by her recent 10/10 client satisfaction awards, one can comfortably assume

that her main focus is working for and with the client to ultimately reach their goal.


2020/2021 - Executive

2021 - Outstanding Achievement - Top selling  No#10


  • 2020/2021 - Executive
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